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Make Life Easier

We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when creating them.

                          ~ Albert Einstein

So the Solution to our Problems is simple. Right?

Use Different thinking than before, and get a different result. 

But what if we are looking for a permanent solution?


What we choose to believe, and how we choose to see ourselves

and the world "around" us is our free will

We can continue to believe we are human beings with a soul that lives in a physical, separate, competitive and random world. ~ And our lives will stay the same. 

Or we can choose to believe we are souls having a human experience in some  form of illusion, dream, or matrix. Where everything is energy, things happen for a reason and we are not our "physical" bodies. 

~ And Everything will change!

But for that to happen, it has to make more sense than your current understanding of reality does. Join me down a fascinating rabbit hole to experience the truth you may have already known, but not yet truly Believed. As with any great accomplishment ~ You have to Believe. 


Choosing between Two Worlds

The Universe is Dual: As Above, So Below ~ Mind over Matter ~ Heaven and Hell

Much like two sides of a coin, both are different yet equal parts of the same reality.


One creates the problems we all have, the other heals them. 


The "Outside" Physical World

This is the world we cannot ignore. It is the physical reality created by  perceiving our limited five senses as something we experience "out there". 


The "Inner" Connected World

This is the world we must Seek. It lies hidden in plain sight, and is the Truth that will Set you Free. But, you have to have eyes that see and ears to hear.

But don't take my word for it.

If the Greatest life teachers of all time shared their wisdom with you,

would you BELIEVE them?

Lets ask Jesus, The Buhdda, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Carl Jung, William Shakespeare, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Aristotle, Plato, Hermes, Thoth and many others and see what they want us to know.

Leave the door Closed ~ And Nothing will Change

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 3.21.37 PM.png

Open the Door with fresh eyes ~

And Experience a Whole New World 

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