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I must have been a strange kid growing up, because I always felt that something was just not right about "this place". 

I was raised in the Lutheran church by my mother, and my father was agnostic but had a strong penchant for quotes, sayings and philosophy. 


I remember going to Sunday school and thinking ~ If the Christians are right, then the Jews must be wrong. And if the Jews are right, then the Muslims must be wrong. And if the Muslims are right, then the Buddhists, Krishnas and Hindus must be way out there...

Then it came to me ~ Whatever it is,  there can only be one truth. And that all the religions must be leading us to the same place. They just use different ways and means to achieve it. 

At the age of 12 fate placed a book on numerology in my hands, and my life long journey to Seek the Truth began... I just loved the hidden and esoteric stuff. But why was it hidden?


Over the next 40+ years I studied, researched and experienced everything I possibly could

to better understand "this place". And over that time, more and more of the dots just kept

connecting revealing a new picture. One quite different than what I was raised to believe.

Always having a strong scientific curiosity, I began looking for "proof" to support religious, metaphysical and esoteric teachings. It wasn't until quantum physics that I found it. 

Then in 2005 I began having some of the most "paranormal" experiences that ultimately

showed me how "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it" really works. But only after many years of painful trials and errors...

Later I found the holy grail when life showed me the other side. It gave me a whole new perspective from which to better understand many of life's greatest teachings. It also

showed me how the "physical" reality we think we live in, is simply an experience. 

And as they say ~ Once you see it, you can never unsee it. And I have never been happier!


We are all given the physical bodies and life experiences we have for very specific and personal reasons. Karma plays a big role in this. As one discovers those reasons, it allows

them to watch their life unfold in a more understandable and purposeful way.  

Believing that we are all here for a reason, and now understanding why I was given such transcendental life experiences, it is my passion, love and will to share my knowledge and experience to help others Seek the Truth, and enjoy a much better life experience.

Thank you for reading,

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