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The Fool

If I gave you eyes that see
Would you know to comfort me?
And tell me that the world is my friend...

Are your ears meant to hear?
Do they make my voice so clear?
Or do they help you understand?

Oh The Fool

It's an ancient noble lie
Designed to close your eyes
Look inside the all is mind

If I think about it now
Can I make it real somehow?

Oh The Fool

Will it be that way!?

If you ever feel like me
That your starting to see
That it's not what we've believed

If you've never seen before
Open the door, proceed that way
Did you ever want to fly? Yes in the sky
Did you even try?

And think of things to be
Yes you will see
When you be that be that way

And never wonder when
When will it end?
Will it be that be that way

A Life of Dreams

Hey hey my my
Yes I see its time we fly
Once we understand the meaning of it all
And then we'll build, a Life of Dreams

No more pain no more gain
Yet again we'll be the same
Once we understand what's really going on
And we wear it well despite what it may mean

Inside out upside down
Look inside Look around
Once we understand the meaning of it all
And then we'll build a Life of Dreams

Live and learn
Do it well! 
Each of us makes our hell
Once we understand what Co-creating means 
And then we'll build a life of dreams 

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