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Words of Wisdom

Knowledge is Power ~ Sir Francis Bacon

                                              Whatever it is ~ There can be only One Truth.

When  Science, Religion, Philosophers and the Mystics all seem to agree on something, chances are good they are on to something. Right?

Do you believe and trust the words people like Jesus, Einstein, The Buddha, Carl Jung or Plato?

Would you ever argue with them, or tell them they are wrong? 

Read their Words of Wisdom and Connect the Dots.  Let them show you an entirely new picture of who we are and the nature of our reality. You will be glad you did. 

The Unexamined Life is not worth Living. ~ Aristotle

This is the building block for everything we think we know and understand. It is where our perspectives come from.  
Our current beliefs can be very limiting. But a more accurate and truthful understanding is very freeing. 
Consider that science has known for decades that everything is made of atoms. And that atoms are more than 99.9% empty. 
This can be understood by Einsteins famous equation E=MC2.
Which basically means, Matter and Energy are interchangeable. 
Humanities search for meaning is as old as the ages.
Does it really make sense to you that we are here to make money and buy lots of stuff to be "successful"? Or could it be that our believing that serves others interests? 
This is where connecting the dots really starts to come together and makes sense.
Are you familiar with Alexander the Great's last three wishes? 
Imagine playing a game while looking at a mirror. Everything would be inside out and Upside down. Right?
That is exactly what is happening when we live below as opposed to above. The best we can hope to achieve is minimizing the pain and frustration when things go wrong. 
At the end of the day when all is said and done, what does anyone really want in life? 
The sooner we understand money can't buy us happiness and start looking inside, the sooner we will find it. 
Once one understands there is no "out there" out there, then  it becomes painfully obvious what Rene, Descartes meant
when he said ~  
I think therefore I am. 
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