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    ~ Seek the Truth ~
It Hides in Plain Site!
    ~ Seek the Truth ~
It Hides in Plain Site!
    ~ Seek the Truth ~
It Hides in Plain Site
    ~ Seek the Truth ~
    It hides in Plain Site 

Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

My passion is seeking answers to life's oldest questions and sharing that knowledge with those who searching for a new life experience. 


Thoughts, Questions, Comments? I would love to hear from you! 

Michael Malasnik 

About Me

Please excuse the mess.

   Website is Pre-Alpha

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Looking for a fun and thought provoking presentation 

for your Group, Association or Business?



Anywhere open minds meet is a great place




Give your members something to talk about



Improve cooperation and morale.


Michael has a way of making you want to listen to him.

He entertains and educates all at the same time!

Known for his knowledge, Michael will help you explore and understand our brief existence and what is possible, here and now.

Roxanne Reynolds
Integral  Qigong and T'ai Chi Teacher

Our organization has invited Michael to speak twice. 


He is an engaging speaker who connects well with an audience, and is able to respond to questions easily and tactfully even when challenged.  


I appreciate his sense of humor, knowledge and ability to take complex ideas and make them easy to understand

Susan Bulfinch, Mediation, Facilitation and Training

Michael has been a great source of knowledge for me.

He is an excellent speaker and really engages with his audience.

Heather McDougall

President, Greater Phoenix Association of Health Underwriters

From the first second Michael‘s on stage, he entertains, educates and makes you say to yourself “I didn’t know that!” 


Passionate, fun, enjoyable…Michael loves what he does and it shows!

Jim Schwartz
Certified Financial Planner®
Scottsdale, Arizona

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