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The Age of Trans-Humanism 

The Future is already here

What does it even mean to be human anymore?

We are already cyborgs. ~ Elon Musk 

Consider someone with artificial arms and legs. Or maybe someone who got a pace maker, or had brain implants installed to prevent seizures or restore sight. 

Is there a point whereby we would say they are no longer human? Is it more than two artificial limbs, having an artificial heart or more than three brain implants? Would your consciousness and memories downloaded into a sentient robot still be the real you?

Framed in this way, does it become easier to see the real you as somehow being different or 

separate from the body you use to experience and interact with this physical reality?

Ever wonder just how our biological bodies interact with binary computers so well?

Brain-Computer Interface

Who better to listen to than someone who has crossed over and come back?


Ever notice how many say they will now spend more time doing what they love, and spending time with those they love? Not one says they will work harder or contribute more to their 401K...

Thought controlled Prosthetics
Hard Wired Into the internet 

What a classic Jill Bolte Taylor video. Notice how the different hemispheres changed her experience.


Science is now even starting to consider our hemispheres as two completely different brains.  

Transplanting Consciousness

See which hemisphere of your brain is dominant. A synchronized brain is optimal. The good news is that is is very easy to achieve! 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

~ Rumi  

Sentient Self Aware Robots

If robots can think, have emotions and even a sense of humor, what does it really mean to be a human? Imagine Sophie in another 5 years...

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