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Life Imitating Art

May the Force be with you ~ Star Wars

There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.~ Ghandi

Ever get the feeling "They" are telling us something?

Some believe that as part of this reality, we must be given the chance to know the truth. 

Consider movies like The Matrix or The Truman Show, TV shows like The Twilight Zone, Ancient Aliens  or video games like Silent Hill, Soma, Observer and many others.  To those with Eyes that See, there are hidden and deeper meanings embedded only the few will ever see or know. 

Or on a higher level consider AI, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Holograms and ask yourself is it possible we are building a microcosm of our macrocosm so to say? If Albert Einstein, Elon Musk,

The Buddha, The Mystics, and others are right about reality being an illusion or simulation of some sort, then wouldn't my new Playstation VR be just that? An illusion within an illusion?

All the world is a stage, and we are all just actors and actresses... 

                                                    ~ William Shakespeare


Very powerful video with Jim Carey, Allan Watts and others discussing the difference between your body and the real you. 

Open World Video Games

Notice how he remains aware and questioning things even after dying. It even appears that his personality remains the same. 

Sentient Self Aware Robots

Not much is funnier than James Randi experiencing something he used to be so skeptical of.

Mind over Matter ~ Idiom

Augmented Reality

If robots can think, have emotions and even a sense of humor, what does it really mean to be a human? Imagine Sophie in another 5 years...

7D Hologram

I think we all know where this is going...

New reality with old persepctive, does not work ~ The 14th Dali Llama

Remember, there is no spoon
How our brains create reality

Holographic Body

If reality is just an just illusion, then so must be our bodies. Consider fractals and holograms... 

Iridology is the scientific study of the iris. Iridologists believe the iris shows the health (or lack of) other organs in your body. 


Reflexology believes that there are corresponding pressure points on your ears, feet and hands that affect internal body organs. 

As above so below

Isn't it interesting how our brain cells look a lot like the Universe? 


We all know what happens when we cut a picture. But consider how cutting a hologram produces smaller but whole versions of itself.

Phantom Limbs

Our feelings affect our bodies. 


There is a force in the universe, which if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results. ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

Common Consciousness

Common consciousness in animals. 
It appears the real you
remains and is,ply leaves the body behind.  

Notice how he remains aware and questioning things even after dying. Even his personality remains the same. 

When it happens to a skeptic...

Once again we hear how he continues to think after he dies...

What the mind can believe and perceive it can achieve. ~ Dale Carnegie

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