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The Human Body

Know thyself and you shall know the Universe and God ~ Inscription at the Temple of Delphi

If reality is just an illusion, then so must be our bodies.

Think about your body for a moment. Look at your hand for example. Now think about your phone or your keys. Did you notice how you just considered your hand no differently than your phone? It is almost as if your true self is the one reading this by considering both as it's equal and separate possessions. If that seems strange to you, maybe that is just your person- ality... 

The one you seek, is the one who is looking. ~ St Francis of Assisi

Mind over Matter ~ Idiom

Sentient/Aware Robots

If robots can think, have emotions and even a sense of humor, what does it really mean to be a human? Imagine Sophie in another 5 years...

Meet the new Guy

I think we all know where this is going...

New reality with old persepctive, does not work ~ The 14th Dali Llama

Feel being stared at or thought of

Placebo nocebo

Thoughts create physiological change. Hungry horny nauseous 

Holistic Medicine & 

Gut brain 

Super Human Strength

Feel someone looking at you

Reflexology - similar to a hologram or fractal

Chinese Medicine


Energy Healing 

Common consciousness/ intuition

Walk into room can feel/tell something is going on

Mothers intuition

Feel someone looking at you

Just have a gut feeling 

Remember, there is no spoon
How our brains create reality

Holographic Body

If reality is just an just illusion, then so must be our bodies. Consider fractals and holograms... 

Iridology is the scientific study of the iris. Iridologists believe the iris shows the health (or lack of) other organs in your body. 


Reflexology believes that there are corresponding pressure points on your ears, feet and hands that affect internal body organs. 

As above so below

Isn't it interesting how our brain cells look a lot like the Universe? 


We all know what happens when we cut a picture. But consider how cutting a hologram produces smaller but whole versions of itself.

Phantom Limbs

Our feelings affect our bodies. 


There is a force in the universe, which if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results. ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

Common Consciousness

What the mind can believe and perceive it can achieve. ~ Dale Carnegie

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