The Real Reality

There is no "out there" out there. ~ Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe,

Theoretical Quantum Physicist

Plato's Allegory of the Cave

I just love it when the Mystics, Science and Religions all seem to agree. Just like seemingly different pieces of a puzzle, they are all pieces of the bigger picture.   

A true classic! As anyone who has escaped the cave can tell you, this is certainly true. I especially identify with the man returning to the cave to enlighten those still in the dark.

Do our senses betray us?

How the Illusion really works

Simulation Universe Theory

Could the Matrix be real?

Where Buddhism and Science Meet

God's Fingerprint - The Fibonacci Sequence

This really shows how limited we are by our 5 senses. Some might even say we live in a box...

Few videos are as easy to follow and understand while going ever deeper into the many levels of perception. 

Elon Musk discusses the likely hood that we are living in some form of computer simulator. 

Dr James Gates brings Neil Degrassi Tyson to his knees with the idea that the fabric of reality contains web browser code. 

If there is only one truth, then it only makes sense that different perspectives would point to the same thing.  

Thinking of holograms and computers simulations as being described to explain reality, this could make a lot of sense. 

WARNING - Stop watching video at 4:45! For some reason the creator of this video tried to ruin it.