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Metaphysical Concepts

God does not play dice with the universe. ~Albert Einstein, Theoretical physicist

                                                                  Everything is Energy


First there was the word, and the word was God - Genesis



If you want to know the secrets of the universe,  look to energy and vibration - Nikola Tesla

You can neither create create nor destroy energy -  Law of thermal Dynamics

E=MC2 - Energy and Matter are interchangeable 


                                                         Divine Timing - Everything Happens for a Reason

If you consider that part of the illusion is that our thoughts are not our own, and Buddhism, New Age and other teachings tell us to be the "Observer", it starts to make sense. 


Consider a time when you were really pressed for time but couldn't find your keys or the car wouldn't start or you hit every red light or the freeway was backed up or... Have you ever considered that was what needed to happen to prevent you from getting into an accident or worse?


Now keep that thought and understand the outcome was not your decision. So that means we can either see it for what it is and Go with the Flow, or we can stress out over it. THAT is our Free Will.   


You can apply many different experiences you have had to this, but the end is always the same. We can stress out over things, ( but they will or won't happen anyway) or we can relax and just consciously watch our the experience we are having like a passive observer.   

When one can shift their perception its kind of like the difference between being a fully immmersed  actor actress  in a play versus a passive observer watching the play unfold... 

Go with the flow

Let Go and Let God

Resistance is Suffering

Let what ever happens happens

High mind conceives, physical ego mind receives and personality mind perceives what already happened

                                                         Your thoughts are not your own (videos) 


This one is kinda tricky and seems very contradictory.


VIDEOS ~ 6 Seconds and Eckart  Tole

Be the Observer

Im in this wold but not of it....

Perception is Everything!

Its not what you look at but what you see

Pay it forward

All we are are our thoughts 

As Above So below

                                                                The many different levels of Reality. 

                                                          How can empty atoms make solid things?


Lets consider something very simple like a baseball bat.


The bat is made of wood. 

The wood is made of molecules.

The molecules are made of atoms .

The atoms are made of  electrons spinning around a nucleus which are more than 99.9% empty 

The relative space between the nucleus and an electron is roughly the same space as between a dime in the middle of an entire football stadium.

Inside the electron we see quarks and leptons that seem to appear and disappear out of no where.

The double slit experiment proves it is the act of observing that creates the experience of the physical bat.  Hence the question, if a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? 


                                                               As above So below. As Within So without

Building from the above example, different levels of the same thing, think of the above as frequency waves of energy, much like TV or Radio waves. And the Below is simply as they manifest in physical reality like watching the TV show or listening to the music on the radio for us to experience. One is a wave function and the other is a particle or matter. 

So what is it that collapses the wave function into something physical? Our brains. No differently than our cell phones or computers convert Wifi or the Internet into something we can "physically" see or experience.


Here is a very esoteric chart that illustrates how our three levels of consciousness work together to create our experience 

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