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Entertaining ~ Educational ~ Enlightening


Looking for a fun and thought provoking Presentation for your

Group, Association or Event?

Few topics can affect so many people in such profound  ways

as how they perceive and experience the rest of their lives.

Seek the Truth ~ It hides in plain Sight

(Approx 90 minutes)

Our journey begins with an esoteric view of the words and teachings of those we already know and trust. By using eyes that see and ears that hear, many will reveal a much different and deeper meaning.


Next we will examine the science proving these teachings to be true. Seeing how and why they really work makes it much easier to understand, so one can easily use them to improve their life experience. 

Then just for fun, we will look at some esoteric symbolism and teachings hiding right in front of us our entire lives, but only the few have seen...

  • What is Realty? ~ How Does it Work?

  • The science behind the mystery.

  • Who or What are we? 

  • Why are we here?

  • See what has been hiding in plain sight. 

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Deeper, Darker yet more Enlightening 

(Approx 90 minutes)


For those left wanting more, here it is!

The more things you see hiding in plain sight, the more things you will begin to see. And as they say, once you see it, you can never unsee it. It's the age old parable about light pushing back the darkness~Seek the Light! 


The spiritual concept of our not being our physical bodies is being proven true beyond a doubt by todays  scientific advances. And to think we have been watching movies and TV shows about sentient robots and merging mankind with machines for decades. What else are they showing us...?

Know Thyself ~ Let's take a closer look at the personalities and physical bodies we were each given in order to see how they actually help create

the life experiences we were put here to have. They aren't an accident...

  • See much more of what has been hiding in plain sight.

  • AI, Sentient robots, Brain implants ~ Where is humanity going?

  • Movies, Books, TV, Video Games ~ Are they telling us something?

  • Astrology, Numerology, Myers Briggs, Jung Archetypes and more.

The Power of Belief 

(Approx 90 minutes)


Now having a new understanding and proper perspective of reality and who or what we really are, one is faced with deciding between the proverbial red and blue pill. 

This presentation looks at how and why we have been led to believe what we have, then offers simple techniques to help change our beliefs thus thoughts and actions to improve our life experience.   


But this can only happen ~ If the new beliefs make more sense than your old ones do. Fortunately, truth has a strong ring to it...

  • Beliefs > Thoughts > Actions = Experience

  • Raised, Taught, Programmed, Conditioned (It's all the same)

  • Simple steps to reinforce new beliefs

  • Do your old ways of thinking still make sense? 

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