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See the Future Today 

It is already hiding in Plain Sight

How well do you know your own personality?

Are you curious to know more about yourself, and why you do, act and think the way you do? Consider the below and see if you can find overlapping and redundant personality traits. They can be very revealing...

I have provided links to help you get started. But please do your own research or find a respected authority in the field to learn as much as you can about yourself. 

To thine own self be true. ~ William Shakespeare


Most of us are familiar with our Sun Sign and give it little thought. But if you look at your full brith natal chart, you will discover much more. 


This was my first area of esoteric study, and to this day still am amazed by how acurate it is. Hint - The more numbers you crunch, the more detailed and accurate it becomes. 

Myers Briggs Personality Test

Scientifically and professionally recognized, this can be a real eye opener. 

Carl Jung Archetypes

I find it fascinating how this tends to match up perfectly with the Myers Briggs Test, which also closely resembles Numerology. 

Human Design

This is a very fascinating delineation 

encompassing many different factors. Although little known, it is a real gem of personal insight.

See which hemisphere of your brain is dominant. Then try to change it.


Synchronizing your hemispheres does a lot to reduce stress and  create inner peace. The good news is that is is very easy to achieve! 

Watch your Brain
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