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A Metaphysical Life

Everything Happens for a Reason

If you consider that your soul was incarnated to learn very specific lessons and grow in very specific ways, then everything you experience will contribute to those ends. This is the same idea as Divine Timing. Often our (ego) minds want something now, but in the bigger picture the time is not yet right. This of course can become the source of many emotions such as anger, stress and anxiety. So to embrace the idea, is to free your self of those very same emotions. Related: God cannot be fooled... God does not play dice with the universe A blessing in disguise Be careful what you ask for.


Karma is a sanskrit word roughly translated means "Action". Metaphysics understands there are two such Karmic forces at work. One affects the actions we take in this lifetime. These actions may be seen to come back in htis lifetime, or in perhaps in our next. The other is when we experience a "pay back" so to say fro what we have done in a previous lifetime. Related: You reap what you sowe What comes around goes around What you do to others, you do to yourself. Do Unto Others The Golden Rule

We are all one

Do unto others Love thy neighbor

It is what it is

We see it in everyday life, so why don't we see it as everyday life?