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This class focuses on who or what we really are, and why we are here. Then see why “Let go and Let God“ is truly the best way to play this game we call Life. 

  • See your “self” as never before - Backed by mind blowing science!

  • Learn why (and how) your life experience was chosen for you

  • Know thyself -  5 ways to understand the personality you were given to use. 

  • See how art imitates life - Reality truly is very similar to a video game. 

  • Hiding in Plain Sight - See what you’ve only looked at before.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. ~ Rumi

Hiding in Plain Sight


Bible verse on entry door to Masonic Ritual Room

Sunset Over New York City

Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein 

What is Reality?

Do you believe him?

What is Reality?

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A wise man realizing the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering. ~ Buddha

Sound good to you?

Why am I here?


Joseph Campbell

What is your option?

490 points center

Why am I here?


When are you ever happier than when being

the real you?

Who or What am I?

The one you are looking for is the one who is looking. ~ St. Francis of Assisi


What you seek is seeking you ~ Rumi

When Religion and Mysticism say the same thing...

Are you Curious about Life?

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Seek the Truth ~

It Hides in Plain Sight!

Michael Malasnik

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The Power of Belief

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The world is separate and solid, and you are your body! We advise you to live accordingly... 

Still buying into the "Official Narrative"?

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How does Reality Work?


Understanding this answers a LOT of questions...

What is Reality?


There's a 'One in Billions' chance reality is not an illusion. ~ Elon Musk

So why do we think and act as if it isn't...?

Live Outside the Box

Why am I here?

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Reality is Non-Physical

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The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist. ~ Charles Baudelaire

Can you see him now?

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