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Life is just an illusion

See it for what it really is and enjoy the show!

May you live in interesting times

               ~Ancient Chinese curse

There is no denying we are living in a time of massive change as we move from the astrological 

Age of Pisces to the new Age of Aquarius. 

What used to make sense doesn't anymore. From politics, higher education, relationships to even working for a living, things are breaking down to make way for a new reality. 


Fortunately we are also at the time of Apocalypse, Esoterically understood by the Mystics as the thinning of the veil of illusion, or the revealing of that which is hidden. 


Join me in an Esoteric journey to Seek the Truth that has been hiding in plain sight our entire lives to find a new sense of purpose, direction and happiness only the few will ever know. 

Seek the Truth ~ It shall set you free

It's not what you look at that maters, it's what you see.

                               ~ Henry David Thoreau

This game we call "Life" comes with certain rules and goals. 

Is it possible we have been playing our game of "Life" inside out and upside down?

Are we really just random biological beings with a soul that gives us life?

The greatest teachers of all time seem to be telling us something completely different...

Modern science now appears to

be proving Einstein and the Mystics correct. 

Reality is just an illusion, and there is no "out there" out there. So all that remains is within...

Ever ask yourself this while working at a job you don't like, being stuck in a bad relationship or simply feeling lost?

Maybe all we have to do is ask ourselves the right questions...

They can inspire, motivate,  and sometimes even show us a path to lesser resistance. 

Words are even said to have power...

Words of Wisdom

If the Greatest Teachers of all time shared their knowledge with you, would you believe them?


Lets ask Jesus, The Buddha, Einstein, Aristotle, Carl Jung, Shakespeare, Alexander the Great and others life's biggest questions, and see what they want us to know.  


                                                                 "Knowledge is Power"

Life lasting peace and happiness is all we are looking for by Seeking the Truth. Right?

Could it really be much easier than we have thought?

Rev. Michael Malasnik

Metaphysical Minister

Do you ever feel as though life, or maybe even our planet just doesn't make much sense anymore? 

The Dalai Lama tells us that a new reality viewed with an old perspective "does not work." 

Perhaps a better way is to view life is from a Metaphysical perspective where everything is energy and connected, things happen for a reason, and our thoughts create our reality.

If you have been looking for a happier and more peaceful life experience, a new understanding of reality may be the answer.

Let me show you a better way.  

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