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When the world no longer makes sense...

Seek the Truth~
It Hides in Plain Sight!

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Are you on a spiritual journey, questioning the world you thought you once knew, or simply seeking the truth about reality and who or what we really are and why are we here?


Great News! You don't have to be smart enough to understand cryptic esoteric teachings and occult symbols, or even world religions, philosophy or quantum physics to understand the secrets of the universe.


You simply need to be smart enough to listen to those who are, and then Believe them!  In other words, Don't re invent the wheel~ Sir Isaac Newton said the truth forever lies in simplicity, so let's keep this simple. 

For over 40 years I have studied Mysticism, Philosophy, Science and Religion in an effort to understand the true nature of reality and who or what we really are. Eventually it became clear they were all saying the same things and pointing in the same directions. So I connected the dots...

If you truly wish to Seek the Truth - Why not simply ask Those who Know?


Then connect the dots...


"See what People are saying"

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.42.33 PM_ed

Michael has a way of making

you want to listen to him. 

He entertains and educates all

at the same time! 

Known for his knowledge,

Michael will help you explore

and understand our brief

existence, and what is possible here and now.


Roxanne Reynolds

Integral QiGong and T'ai Chi

Senior Trainer and Teacher 

From the second Michael takes the stage, he entertains, educates and makes you say to yourself  

"I didn't know that!"


Passionate, fun, enjoyable...

Michael loves what he does

and it shows!


Jim Schwartz

Certified Financial Planner

Scottsdale, Arizona  

I've listened to hundreds of Metaphysical lectures in my life and Michael is by far one of the most interesting and entertaining of them all.


It was a privilege to be able to hear his teaching and I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. 


Peoria, AZ


Michael, hearing you speak your truth and share your understanding and your awareness in a very honest and humble manner, it was clear to me that you are a teacher of deep and profound Truth.


Keep following your bliss!!!


Michael was beyond Fantastic, had a great rapport with the group and had our full attention! I couldn't believe it was nearly noon!


Thank you for having him speak...yes... more, more more, more of him! 

Karen Spinozzi

Michael is a natural presenter, very comfortable and obviously quite passionate about his subject matter!


A subject that has been dear to Michael's heart from boyhood; and to this day. It continues to feed his Soul with Joy and Excitement.


Michael will take you down a brightly shining rabbit hole on an amazing and magical journey. Suddenly you are soaring into extraordinary new realms. It is an awesome adventure gifting the travler with great truths, wisdom excitement, love, laughter and clarity. Enjoy! 

Jan Deeter  

Litchfield Park, AZ

Wow! What a wonderful Presentation.


I was glued to every word and found this to be up with the best of them. I am so glad I went today. 

Sylvia Doucette

As you helped me learn, I am the creator/source of my own reality, and have somehow drawn this vibration into existence for me to experience.


So it's all perfect and unfolding just as it needs to unfold.   

Dave Marsh


Exploring the Human Journey

MCAFM Presentation_edited.jpg

On June 19th, 2019 I had the great and distinct pleasure of attending a Metaphysical Studies group seminar, presented by Michael Malasnik, titled "Seek the Truth ~ It Hides in Plan Sight". I am a newbie to the metaphysical realm but must say Michael was very clear and precise with his findings and information to support same. I learned so much from him during his 90 minute presentation and left feeling very uplifted. He is a gifted speaker and exudes tremendous joy as he talks about his passion in life, the world of metaphysics. 

Most of the guests on June 19th have been attending seminars for many years. Their enthusiasm for Michael was over the top, and the administrator said she had never before seen such a tremendous and positive audience response and reaction to a speaker. 

Michael is extremely warm and approachable. Being in his energy and hearing what he wants to share with others is a tremendous experience, and I cannot wait to see and learn as much as possible from him in the future. 

Michele Holiday ~ Surprise, AZ

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